June 2016 - JAIL BREAK CD Review

Special thanks to Bill Wagner for a great review and giving kudos to Cindy's songwriting, vocals and arrangements of some old bluegrass standards.  

"Of her performance, there can be little doubt.  Her vocals have an impact and the timbre, tone and delivery are all very good."

"The title song, with its hard-hitting rush about escaping a love gone bad with a JAIL BREAK is a standout."

" As a follow-up to her other work, this is a solid effort full of good songs and performances."

Bil Wagner, Bluegrass Unlimited  March 2016


June 2014 - THE ROAD CD Review

A special thanks to Henry Koretzky for a great review and giving kudos to Cindy's songwriting.  When she set out to record "The Road" ... that is exactly what she hoped to convey to her audience, her ability to pen a good song and tell a moving story at the same time.  After the publishing of Henry's review .... mission accomplished! 

"She's a forceful and confident singer ..."

"Her mandolin playing, which gets a bit more display time on her instrumental composition 'Humphrey's Wheel', is solid if not spectacular."

"Story-songs seem to be a strength of hers."

"Check out this album if you're interested in a new and different songwriting voice."

Henry Koretzky, Bluegrass Unlimited  June 2014


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November 2014 Press Release
November 11, 2013
Somerset, PA
Daily American Article
Betsy Kreger

Bluegrass Artist Draws Inspiration From Somerset County Ties

Betsy Kreger Daily American Correspondentdailyamerican.com
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